Company and Commercial Law

KBL Law provides legal advice to companies, firms and investors in the different areas of commercial law.

We assist our Clients both in the preliminary start-up phases, evaluating, from a legal perspective, the strengths and possible weaknesses of the business plan and, in the later stages of the company’s development and consolidation, through national and international expansion strategies, as well as through "exit" strategies, which also consist in supervising the legal due diligence phase (we can, if necessary, provide tax due diligence services, availing ourselves of the services provided by specialized professionals and firms).

The goal is to establish stable and lasting relationships with Clients in order to learn and understand the dynamics of their business, as well as keep under control the total cost of the service being provided by us.

Our Clients work in the following industries: IT (Information Technology) & E – Commerce, Energy, Fashion & Design, TLC, Comics, Media & Entertainment, Sport, planning and engineering.
Business and corporate consultancy

  • Preliminary assessment of the legal feasibility of business plans
  • Advice provided in connection with the setting up of companies, partnerships and TBAs (Temporary Business Associations) and business groupings
  • Advice provided in connection with the setting up of British companies (e.g. Private Limited Companies), Maltese companies or US companies (e.g. Delaware Corporations or Limited Liability Companies)
  • Drafting and customizing Deeds of Incorporation, By-laws and Shareholders' Agreements
  • Assistance and advice in drafting the minutes of shareholder meeting and board meeting resolutions
  • Assistance and advice in drafting Stock Option and Severance Packages
  • Purchase/sale of equity (including Management Buyouts)


M&As and Extraordinary Transactions

  • Purchase/sale of equity (including Management Buyouts)
  • Purchase/sale of companies and/or business units
  • Mergers, demergers, transformations
  • Share capital increases
  • Issuance of debt instruments (bonds) and semi-equity instruments (Participating Financial Instruments)

KBL provides its Clients with specialized assistance both in the initial stages of such transactions (ranging from the choice of the type of transaction that is to be executed to the drafting of preliminary documents, such as Letters of Intent, Memorandums of Understanding, Term Sheets, irrevocable proposals, preliminary contracts), and in the due diligence phase (analyzing all the possible risks, such as, for example, conflicts of interest, transactions with related parties, privacy, etc.) and, finally, in the closing phase (drafting of the final agreements and the Shareholders' Agreements), as well as the post-closing obligations.



  • Standard Terms of Contract (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies)
  • Trade agreements with other companies (e.g. Distribution Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Joint Ventures)
  • Drafting employment agreements with employees and contractors of startup businesses
  • Advice and assistance in dealing with investors and lenders
  • Advice and assistance in dealing with government bodies


IP Asset Protection

  • Registration of (national, EU, International) trademarks
  • Protection of website designs
  • Management of IP Portfolios



  • Assistance in negotiating with Business Angels, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Funds
  • Analysis and advice on the submission of applications for public funding, including funding made available by the European Union
  • Advice and assistance on equity crowdfunding projects