Legal Tech

KBL Law assists companies and other law firms in the analysis and development of innovative technological solutions.

KBL Law professionals combine high IT skills with a solid legal background. In addition, thanks to the collaboration with experienced professionals in the IT sector, KBL Law is able to build and coordinate multidisciplinary teams for the development of Legal Tech projects.

KBL Law professionals also regularly and actively participate in associations and round tables on innovation in the legal sector.

Areas of interest

  • automation in documents and contractual models drafting;
  • artificial intelligence, with particular reference to natural language processing (NLP) and automated decision-making processes;
  • simplification of internal processes;
  • telematic trial and predictive justice;
  • blockchain and smart contracts

Recent assignments

KBL Law professionals in recent years:

  • helped a publishing company specialized in the legal sector to create innovative management software;
  • participated in study groups on the repercussions of artificial intelligence in the legal sector;
  • participated in a multidisciplinary team to develop an automatic contract and other legal documents compilation software