Sport Media & Entertainment

The Sport, Media & Entertainment Team deals with legal assistance to companies, firms and professionals operating primarily in the field of audiovisual arts (Music, Movies, Comics) and Performing Arts in general, as well as in the field of professional Sports.

In particular, the services offered by it relate to preparing, negotiating and defining various types of contracts, through an interdisciplinary approach that takes into account both the “traditional” contractual issues and those connected with copyright and employment law issues.


  • Assignment or licensing agreements
  • Distribution or licensing agreements
  • Recording contracts
  • Edition and co-edition agreements
  • Production and co-production agreements
  • Management contracts
  • Advertising contracts
  • Sponsorship contracts
  • Cast and crew contracts
  • Contracts for actors, directors, actors, voice actors and performers
  • Show business employment agreements (for freelance workers and employees)
  • Protection of artists’ names and reputations
  • Protection of (music, film, literature, theater, journalism, photography, painting, etc.) copyright works
  • National and international sports contracts
  • National and international professional player transfer contracts
  • Agency agreements, national and international sports brokerage agreements
  • Protection from defamation