Practice Areas

Company and Commercial Law

KBL Law provides legal advice to companies, firms and investors in the different areas of commercial law.

Intellectual Property

Part of the interdisciplinary legal advice and assistance that is provided by KBL Law consists in our team of experienced professionals protecting our Clients’ IP portfolios both in and out of Court.

Employment Law

KBL Law has extensive experience in employment law matters. In light of the numerous regulatory changes that have taken place recent in years, it is essential to understand and use the new tools of which businesses can now avail themselves.

Information Technology and New Technologies Law

We assist companies and entrepreneurs operating in various sectors, such as E - Commerce, Online Auctions, Telecommunications, Data Analysis, Multilevel Marketing, Social Networks, App development, B&B & B&C contracts (General Conditions), Data Protection Notices and cookies, as well as protecting their IP portfolios.

Sport, Media & Entertainment

KBL Law deals with legal assistance to companies, firms and professionals operating primarily in the field of audiovisual arts (Music, Movies, Comics) and Performing Arts in general, as well as in the field of professional Sports.

Real Estate

KBL Law assists individuals and legal entities in the acquisition, sale, lease and rental of individual properties or property portfolios.

We are able to offer out of Court (negotiation of preliminary, purchase and sale agreements, negotiating leases or rental agreements) and in Court (disputes arising from breaches of contract and/or guarantees of sale; eviction proceedings) advice and assistance.

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