M&As and Capital Markets

The M&As and Capital Markets Team provides specialized assistance both in the initial stages of such transactions (ranging from the choice of the type of transaction that is to be executed to the drafting of preliminary documents, such as Letters of Intent, Memorandums of Understanding, Term Sheets, irrevocable proposals, preliminary contracts), and in the due diligence phase (analyzing all the possible risks, such as, for example, conflicts of interest, transactions with related parties, privacy, etc.) and, finally, in the closing phase (drafting of the final agreements, the Shareholders’ Agreements and alternatives to Shareholders’ Agreements), as well as the post-closing obligations.

The M&As and Capital Markets Team provides legal advice in venture capital, private equity and exit transactions, both on the target side (Startups and SMEs) and buyers (Business Angels, Club Deals, Venture Capital Funds, Investment Funds).

M&As and Capital Markets Transactions

  • Purchase/sale of equity (shares, stock)
  • MBOs - Management Buyouts transactions
  • Purchase/sale of companies and/or business units
  • Rental of business and/or business unit
  • Mergers, demergers, transformations
  • Share capital increases
  • Issuance of debt instruments (bonds, mini bonds)
  • Issuance of semi-equity instruments (Participating Financial Instruments)
  • Corporate restructuring operations

The Clients assisted by the M&As and Capital Markets Team work in the following industries:

  • IT (Information Technology)
  • E – Commerce
  • New Technologies
  • Fashion & Design
  • Food
  • Planning & Engineering
  • Club Deals, Investments Funds and Venture Capital Funds